19 February 2014

post your love

Some would say I naturally gravitate towards glitter, ink, and paper scraps. I would say, they're right.

About a week or two into the new year, I start to get an itch to make valentines. It's the one time every year where it's completely acceptable to shake insane amounts of glitter onto collages, cut them out into a heart shape and send love to all your friends. turning 30 this year? why, yes! this is how i roll!

This year, I went all out. Tried to hit almost all of my lifelong friends and family with a good dose of love and sparkle. Hopefully, by the time this blog post goes live, most will have been received. If not and you fall into an above category...well, reader's discrepancy ; )

Imagine my excitement when two of my darling nieces, Sofia and Cami, started to take part in an annual valentine making extravaganza with CAS (Crazy Aunt Steffi)! The original craft (pom pom hearts) totally flopped when these two got a hold of paint and glitter. Fineeeeeee by me. Here's Sofia ready to shake!

armed with the glitter shaker!
And the end product- which I promptly placed in my journal to remember forever!  Sofia and Cami sent heart to cousins, grandparents, parents, aunties, and more... I'd say about 15 people received valentine's from these little fridas!
so awesome, right?
Later that weekend, I started patching together some other lovely pieces for the pinks and my high school girlfriends.
in progress

chopped and ready to send!

choosing the perfect envelope for each piece.

custom lettering, and tea (always tea!)

close up- details!
Not pictured here are the other valentine's i sent via postal mail to pw, parents, siblings, and grandparents. Whew- up to about 30 valentines at this point.

You'd think I'd have had my fix at this point, right? Wrong. (But you knew that was coming)...

I have a few other valentines to consider, and I stumbled upon my old French grammar book and just couldn't resist.  Colleagues, in-laws, hot pink, good paper, sparkly pens... Can't keep this girl away from that combination! It's really true what they say about how hard you hustle when you're doing what you love, love, love. I stayed up wayyyyyy past my bedtime and felt so happy to create these lovelies. Tired eyes and happy heart. I'll take it.
PW said: "Wow, you'll be committed for a few hours."

for a special pair :)

one of my favorites for one of my favorites

ready to send!
phew! so all in all, i'd say there were about 40 valentines posted with love to friends and family near and far. hopefully, though i know it's only a small gesture, it's one that will help spread happy love to many corners of this big, beautiful earth. and a little bit of sparkle, too!

here's wishing you a dose of what you love the most. and the intentions to listen well to the whispers. what a difference that makes!
xoxoxox stephanie

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