24 March 2014

Life beyond training: Reports from Weeks 5 & 6

Let's go ahead and just summarize what you're about to read with two simple words: in progress. I jumped on this 'trail' over a month ago knowing I was heading down the right path (for me!) back to my fullest self, I had my honey on board (hello, accountability!) and I was facing a few temporary changes related to other areas of my life. real life, you're persistent, aren't you?

So...Let's start with what's good and what's true:
  • Good dog mama: Walking that pup regularly. Let's (under)estimate that Paul and I walk Odin 8 miles a week. That's 415+ miles a year. This Friday, we'll hit the one year mark. Heck yes, a dog most certainly does make you healthier! 
  • Social bravery: I've been tip-toeing my way out on social limbs these days and hanging with new friends. Rewarding and fun, I'm so grateful for meeting these lovely folks. It's refreshing to journey into new relationships with welcoming individuals. Analiese recently wrote a post about this and it's described how these little leaps are reflecting something sacred back to me that i know to be true.
  • Yin + Yang discovered on the Bourbon Trail: Sounds totally crazy right? Well believe me when I say that PW and I, along with one awesome couple, discovered the total Yin/Yang of the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Hoping to write a full post about this soon!
  • Trying new ways of being: This year started off with a minor health scare, that resulted in some adjustments to my ways of being. While I consider myself in good health, I could play around (in tiny ways) with my habits. The health issue unveiled that I need to be taking my vitamins regularly (and then some). So I started doing that, I stopped adding salt to my food once plated , and I've been living by Michael Pollan's grandmother's rule: If you don't want an apple, you're not hungry. (I think that's who said that.) Oh and flossing. I like flossing.
  • The Skinny Confidential: My dad found this blog and my sweet sister bought us both the book. How am I the last person on earth to learn about cool people/ideas/stuff?
  • Black and gold: Scored this little bolero beauty in the Anthro sale room over the weekend. That can be considered a personal victory, right? 
  • CSA: Signed on with our farmer for another season. Excited to see what this year's harvest will hold. The practice of investing in a CSA share has been a tremendous learning opportunity for me. Community supported agriculture allows us to connect with those who grow our food, and thus, the land and seasons that shape what's abundant, what's scarce, and what that means in the larger scope of life. Highly recommend it if that option is available to you. 
And in other news, as our 10k rapidly approaches! Training reports from Weeks 5 and 6 are as follows:
Week 5:
  • Sunday: 5 mile walk at Floyd's Fork with PW and Odin. This was such an incredible day, I can hardly capture it in words. I did an entire journal post about the day and the awesome energy it created for me, for my relationship with paul, for a possibility that is taking shape.
  • Monday: 5 mile run with my champ friend Carla. She's about the most light-hearted, spunky girl on the block, and though I'm probably 7 inches taller, her little legs can travel. Consider this the best and strongest run of my training yet. Odin rocked it out with us, too. #ohyeah
  • Tuesday: 3 mile powerwalk meeting with my boss- walking meetings are our jam.
  • Wednesday: Rest day- this was a long six day stretch of activity. My body said, 'hey girl, slow ya roll.' So I obliged.
  • Thursday: Odin and I met our friends Louise and Olive for a hilly three mile walk. Too much fun!
  • Friday: Run/walk after work with Odin- a solid 2.5 miles before the weekend felt so good with my little running buddy.
  • Saturday: Does the bambi walk on the Bourbon trail count? Just kidding... Day-long adventure with friends. Reference the yin/yang section above. Followed by a supremely fun night out and dinner at Proof on Main.

Week 6:  aka, the week the training plan went belly flop! Busy at work and a full social calendar resulted in a bust of the training plan. It happens. 
  • Sunday: 2 mile walk with Odin- the 'let's burn energy' neighborhood loop.
  • Monday: Ran 2.5/3 miles with Carla and our two pups. We decided to leave one at home next time. Sorry boys. Play nice and don't slow the puppy mama's down! Quick after dinner walk with Odin and PW, too.
  • Tuesday: Biked to campus for an event- LOVE riding my bike! Totally want to do more of this during the spring. So refreshing and fun. Really does make me feel like a kid again.
  • Wednesday: Yoga at work- bliss, bliss, bliss. I love this instructor- she is bright and calm. Always complimentary "You all look so strong." It's a wonder I don't do yoga every damn day. I love it!
  • Thursday: We may/not have found the Comfy Cow on our walk. 2 miles and some ice cream? hello, balance!
  • Friday: Didn't squeeze a lick of exercise in- unless walking around the building at work, counts. social event that evening and leaving work later...wah wah wah.
  • Saturday: 3+ mile walk with Odin and PW- probably should have planned better here. slept in and made it a nice Saturday, but didn't plan my run early enough. paired with the NCAA tourney games (go CARDS!) and a delicious sandwich from the farmer's market, well, let's just say I should have planned better! c'est la vie. again, not gonna lose it over these little things. learning and more on.

*missing from these two weeks: strength training. Ugh- always an effort. I actually like doing it, but habits are tough to build. Any ideas? 

Note to self: more yoga. more runs with friends. more put-it-on-ya-calendar, girl. and more life beyond training. that mix feels just right.

happy spring, friends!


Analiese said...

Thanks for the shout out lady! Glad to hear it resonated with you, and I love your description of how these social ventures are reflecting something sacred back to you. YES!

I'm so inspired by your workout descriptions. Imperfect is sometimes the most sustainable way forward, and so much better than #nothingatall. Keep up the great week!

A girl on a yoga journey said...

You are strong! I love that you heard your yoga teacher say that…..exactly what you needed to hear :) You go girl!!