09 March 2014

training update: week four

workin' it: progress!

Time for the weekly training update. couldn't care less by this point? i can understand, other people's business gets old after a while. but you'll have to forgive me as i ramble on, because i've learned something about myself (yet again) after four weeks into training. (my posting is about 1 week behind. Whoops.)

Sticking to something, writing it down, sharing it (in some form), and going for it in a big way because you know it matters to some part of you, even when you aren't "feeling it," is the lesson itself. it isn't the 10k (!!!!!), it isn't the sculpted thighs (!!!!!), it doesn't hurt that you feel awesome from the inside out, yet i'm not sure that's the goal either. i have arrived here: it's all about aligning your actions with your intention and going for it: (whatever it is). Would you agree?

Week 4 updates:
Sun: 21 min strength training app session, and some dancing just because. Hello, heart rate!  
Mon: pPwered up for a three mile run in the snow/// felt super awesome to find the energy to run in four inches of fresh powder. Wrong shoe choice though, my ankles were aching for days! 
Tues: Vinyasa flow class- which I've enjoyed for the past month, but been hard pressed to find the space for. 
Wed: Big old skip... busy day and no time between work/social commitments. Walked to dinner with friends a d Odin though- every movement counts!
Thursday: Too late for yoga so I hopped on a treadmill and logged my two miles (from Wednesday). Felt OK- not great. But I kept at it and upped my positive self-talk to finish strong. Important tool when you're 'not feeling it.'
Friday: Found a 'slow flow' yoga class at infinite bliss and invited PW to join me. Big news bears- we had a good time together and I was so grateful he ventured out to try something new with me. Happy to find an extra dose of yoga on what would usually be my rest day. 
Saturday: Ended the week with a brisk 2.5m run- rather than the 4 which was on the schedule. I must say though, the odds were against Paul and I that day, so the fact that we found space/time to make it happen was the primary victory.  The 2.5 miles felt good, and we logged at least that much more on a good walk with odie boy later that day! Happy way to end a week! Xoxox
More soon!

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