02 March 2014

Training Updates: Week Three

Back in the groove of things this week, after returning from vacation.  It's incredible how quickly vacation luxury wears off when you open your inbox at work and see the equivalent of Mt. Kilimanjaro in emails awaiting your time and attention. "Don't stop, believin', hold on to that feeeeelin'" screeches your wondering mind to a halt and one has, at any given time, the choice: hold on to what you know is true, on target, raging with the power of staying present, or dive headfirst into the whirlwind this ravenous world creates for us.

So in an effort to stay focused on my plan, I kept on track with my workout plan as best I could,  knowing it wasn't going to be perfect. That just is, isn't it? Even our best intentions don't always (or often?) result in the fulfillment of our best expectations. But I say- hold onto that vision and goal anyway! Slap yourself a good high five in celebration of what is. Any chance you have to do your best, definitely, go for it. But don't let the glow fade just because you fall short from time to time.

'It's all in the transition,' Meredith, my yoga teacher, keeps reminding our class. To get where you're going from where you are is, indeed, the journey itself.  How we transition from vacation back to real life...well, we all know how that goes, right?!

keepin' track in my rad Danielle LaPort Desire Map Day Planner
Week Three in Review:
Sunday: 7 minute strength training workout (J&J App) and Odin walk- reunited after 5 days away!
Monday: 2.5 mile run- and then some! Paul, Odin and I met at the park after work... Odin ran with me and we were booking it to try and keep up with pw.
Tuesday: An after work commitment kept me from attending my usual Yoga class, and I tell you what///it made me so sad to miss! thankfully I had a really awesome time at the event and felt good about that.
Wednesday: Missed the boat this night. Had an awesome evening commitment that was different than expected, yet delightful and I wouldn't trade it for one awesome workout. Two skips in a row- not good for the momentum train though!
Thursday: Finally reconnected with my yoga class. Missed my girls- and though it wasn't my best class ever, I showed up for the hour and was so glad to be back!
Friday:  Typically a rest day, but a spontaneous dance party after work and a good mid-day walk are both totally worth counting! : )
Saturday: Finished STRONG this week- started the day with a 3.5 mile odie walk with pw, then hit the pavement later that day for my 4 mile run (Post game-day nachos-barf). The route I choose was filled with hills. Good practice for Black Mountain, I suppose. And then...later that day we walked to el mundo for some celebratory margs with amigos. Three cheers for a super Saturday to end the good week.

does anybody else feel 100X cooler if you curate your workout gear?

Staying focused this week ahead- how can i find additional ways to make my plans a reality? let me know if you have any tips/tricks! Here's to an awesome week for everybody.

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yoga london chick said...

Haha! Love your caption about “curating your gear”. I’ve caught myself doing that more times than I care to admit! (yes, it does feel cool to do ; ) x