01 March 2014

Training updates: Week Two

Well... it was inevitable that like all good efforts to change gears on your lifestyle behaviors, the motivation train took a turn down into a valley and the uphill climb started this week! Whew, it all started on a rainy, grey Sunday when we did a long walk with the pup before bad weather set in and my body wasn’t feeling a tough strength training session. So I skipped.

And let’s be honest, and clear, about my ultimate goal here: getting active again, and on the regular. Integrating habits into my lifestyle that make me feel engaged, alive, and on top of my game. It’s a different post to share about where I came from- what I’ve come through- and where I’m going (still figuring that part out. Always, no?)…

So let’s keep this a simple review for now, ok?
Sunday: 5 mile walk with Odin and Paul 
Monday: skipped. Altogether. Short dog walk at night. Crazy day at work. 
Tuesday: Missed yoga due to my flight out of town. Opted for a good dog walk with Paul and Odin for some quality time before I left.
Wednesday: 18 minute strength training session with Caroline and mom, followed by a 2 mile run with dad (favorite runs happen in this fashion), and finally, the sun was out and shining, so we jumped on the bikes and hit the hills. Hello hills, meet 3 speed earth cruiser. In other words, hello burning leg muscles, meet no help from the 3 speed. But it was really cute :)
Thursday: Day at the spa. Oh my lawd, this is absolutely the best form of ‘cross training’ a girl could dream up. Thanks to my incredible sister, she treated mom and I to a trip to Salamander Spa & Resort. Planning a full post to recap the incredible day!
Friday: Worked up a sweat trying to keep up with mom in her 8 a.m. Jazzercise class. If I look half as good as some of those babes doing Jazzy, can break a sweat with 10 ceiling fans blowing at once, and am still jamming out to fun songs in my fifties, call me Queen, ok? Later that day, my sister took me to her workout at a ‘Performance Fitness’ gym. Hello kettlebells, 1500 squats, core exercises and more. Worked this girl to the core!
Saturday: Other than hardly being able to sit down, I had a slight wine-ache from some Friday night fun. Erred on the side of walking and Aleve, if ya know what I mean!

So that’s that- didn’t exactly stick to the week as planned- but kept moving and active every chance I got. Loving just having a goal in mind, it’s so motivating to be working towards something with each decision I make. 

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Analiese said...

You're awesome for making movement a part of your life that you love! Keep listening to your body. Cheering you on over here. <3