02 March 2014

WWWWWHH Wednesday

I never eat the same breakfast twice. You won't find me being picky about whether my meatloaf touches my mashed potatoes. Socks go on both feet, in no particular superstitious order.  My multitasking skills are well known by my colleagues, and I know that's not a compliment, obviously, but it's honestly just the way I operate. Recently PW said jokingly to me, "were you ever evaluated for an attention disorder?" Suffice it to say, mentally I jump around...a lot.

When it comes to blogging though, it's an odd task to describe your interests then adhere to them faithfully and regularly when your interests are diverse and your attention short. So the other night, I came up with this idea to positively harness the possibility that lies in holding so many diverse interests, while capturing them in a framework that allows for some structure. (Oh yeah, add that to the list: I'm just about the least structured person on earth.)

Announcing, the fun, the random, the fully inspired....


What is this, you ask? 
What ISN'T this, I reply!

This is a brand new weekly post for pleasure: WhoWhatWhenWhereWhyHowHowmuch Wednesdays. Highlighting events, people, products, and places with purposeful attention. It's an outlet for asking life's big questions, such as: who made your gorgeous blush wedding gown, and for setting the record straight: what products do you use to make those awesome art journal pages? We'll confess our crushes, contradict ourselves (healthy lifestyles and the best manhattans in the state of KY), reveal some secrets, and rock the boat a little. We'll host some giveaways, feature awesome products, and tell you how to purge your closet, too. Or something like that.

Regardless, it's guaranteed to be more exciting than the treasure box at the dentist office when you were a kid.  A grab bag of another kind. The I'm-turning-30-this-year-kind. It'll be so fun, so random, and! 

So be on the lookout soon...

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