hi! i'm Stephanie. golden curls. wide smile. happy heart.

it might be helpful to know a little bit more about me:

  • i like my coffee black, my bath water piping hot, and my grandmother's oversized golden hoops. 
  • i love a picnic, sparkling wine and an extra firm (but not burnt!) crust on a creme brulee 
  • backscratching and handwritten letters are direct pathes to my heart. 
  • balloons makes every occasion special. feeling blue? balloons. birthday? balloons. walk in the park? balloons. 
  • long fingers and toes mean my jewelry must be made for royalty: big, shiny + a story with each piece. 
  • everyday physical activity and moderation makes for a life-time of wellbeing. sometimes: splurge. 
  • obsessed with all things golden: shoes, accessories, dresses, planners, pens. anything. 
  • while we're on the subject, pens: gel, no ballpoint. fountain, but of course. colorful, always. 
  • i can't sleep until i've written or called you back, thanked you properly for your kindness, or acknowledged a gift i've been given. if you haven't heard back from me, i promise you i'm not sleeping well. 
  • i say a prayer for peace and possibility every morning. 
  • some people have got it right. a particular person comes to mind: gg9a. 
  • i love challenges, celebrations, honest conversation and meaningful exchanges. i'll never turn down a hug.

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